Cadman Plaza Park

Cadman Plaza Park is a beautiful and noteworthy park located on the border of the historical Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods, which is here on the map. With a newly renovated Central Lawn, the park serves as a playground for the entire Brooklyn Heights community. Let it be your playground too, it's a great place to take a break.

Cadman Plaza Park World War II Monument Wide Shot

This is a great park to have some fun in. The large turf is great for playing football, soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee or simply going for a run.

Cadman Plaza Side Path

There are also plenty of benches to take a load off, watch some sports, or hang out with some friends.

Cadman Plaza Park World War II Monument Angle Shot

Be sure to check out the World War II Monument at the end of the park.

Cadman Plaza Park turf

The park is also a great place to go people watching, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

Cadman Plaza Park Monument Profile