Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park sits on over 30 acres. There's plenty of room for you to get away and take a break! Make sure you know how to get there using the map. Check out the images below for some shots of what you can see there.

Fort Greene Park Eagle and trees

The park is especially beautiful in the fall, when the trees are alive with wonderful colors. It's an excellent place to escape to nature! Be sure to admire the four bronze eagle statues around the main monument.

Park benches

If all you need is simply a place to sit, and be at peace with yourself, there are benches throughout the park where you can do just that. Want to get active instead? On weekends the park is alive with people playing cricket, tennis, basketball and soccer, as well as a farmer's market.

Prison Ship Martyrs Monument

Prison Ship Martyrs Monument

While strolling through the park, be sure to look up to the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument. This 149 foot high column marks the site of a crypt for more than 11,500 women - the prison ship martyrs. Enter the crypt if you dare! Or don't, the door is locked anyway.

Monument plaque

Fun fact: the decorative lantern atop the pillar has never been functional.